Upping my running game

I am trying something abit different this week, although, I may have done this before. I can't really remember. I have decided to do a weekly blog instead of writing daily. You know like just focus on the key things I have done this week, so the key moments are -

I ran 20 miles over all this week

Ran my fastest 5km (27:16)

Ran my fastest 10km (57;35)

Applied for my first year modules.... Scary Stuff

Experimental Cinema

Advanced Scenographic Project

Documentary Production

Contemporary Film and the Break-Up of Britain

Had a house viewing with Max, we aren't sure what going to happy with that just yet though.

Had a few calls with Voices from Care, for an event next week.

In person sewing workshop.

Campfire with my Creative Studio friends.

A sunset for one of this weeks walks.

I upcycled a top into a bralette - perfect for a festival. :)

Campfire on the beach.

In regard to my running I have really tried to up my game this week. Overall, I have ran 20.73miles but I have walked so much. My legs are in so much pain as I am writing this. Although, no pain no gain. Next week I plan on upping the mileage again.

The downfall to this week

Right, I am writing this and I am triggered. Still triggered. So here goes. On Monday, I had a lecture happy days, but, that happiness didn't last for long. It was the first lecture back since Easter I was happy just to see everyone but our film lecturer set out another assignment due in two weeks but do you want to hear her excuse for not telling the students..... I quote "I didn't get paid during Easter so it had to wait". End quote.

That is so unprofessional and I can't believe it. I can't continue writing about it because it draws a whole new sense of anger in me.

Anyway, overall I have had an amazing week, the weather has been amazing and I have said it before but I get really happy when the run is out. I feel as though alot of people feel the same <3 Oh gosh, weird thought... I am twenty is two weeks ahhh. I can't believe it. I hope next week is just as good as this week. Manifest it Tayler.

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