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Updated: Mar 14


Today has been a rather enjoyable day. I didn't have a 9am today which is always a bonus, so I had a little lay in and then had a rather quite morning. Today is actually International Women's day which is amazing. I have been feeling rather confident today and the past couple of days! I will insert a picture of myself below (from today) just as a gentle reminder to myself when I am feeling down that I am beautiful and I am loved. (I am also digging this outfit) it is so simple and so cute all at the same time, well at least I think it is

Anyway, I took a short stroll to get some clips from the studio today it is weirdly cold outside considering the sun is shining. Also, I had a four hour webinar today. Normally, I hide in the cobwebs for my scenography lessons but today my lecturer had something different in mind. I had to have my camera on and basically had to put my make-up on and curl my hair. In summary, for the performance we have next Friday I am putting sea themed make-up on in an attempt to further develop the storyline. So, today was basically a practice run of a few scenes. It was rather enjoyable. I had myself on mute and had some amazing songs playing.

Note to self - get some more eyebrow products (nearly out).

After class I took another walk but this time to see Max. He said he would pick me up but I insisted I walk, even with all my bags because I need to get my steps in. Now if anyone dares says I am not committed to this I will be upset. We had an Indian (yummy). Anyway, I am now tired and feel really full, see you tomorrow. <3


9am is just not the time I want to be up doing scenography but we move. During todays class I was back in the cobwebs (not literally) but I was barely needed so I walked. You heard me correct, I walked up and down the apartment for half an hour because I couldn't stand sitting down doing nothing and guess what. I walked a mile and a half within half an hour, but the most important part here is that the kitchen and living room is about 20meters so at an estimate I walked the length of the apartment about 120 times! Kudos to me :)

In addition to my mile and a half, I walked up Constitution hill with Max, it was so bloody windy up on the top today! My hair was blowing everywhere. On the way back we stopped off at Coffee Number #1 for a takeaway hot chocolate and a cake. The hot chocolates always hit the spot to be fair. I always get cream on my hot chocolates, it just find I really adds an extra something which I absolutely love.

I also created a twitch account, I will probably play for an hour or so tomorrow - this is a link to my account

I really don't know what to do but I know it can be used to livestream more than just games so I may end up doing study with me videos and create something with me. I feel like it will be enjoyable when I get the hang of things. Anyway, I will be heading off now, tbh I am writing this really early for me but I plan just to chill out this evening with my housemates.


Today has been amazing! The weather not so amazing! Today was the day I hit Aberystwyth coastline in a Superwoman outfit. I was joined with my best friend Esme. We had so much fun, it is crazy to think that we actually done it, tbh Esme is a really good runner, we took regular stops on the way but we honestly had great fun. I recorded a few clips and have put a short a YouTube video together. I will insert it below.

I will make it a regular thing ! Maybe I might do it again next week in an attempt to raise more money for the NSPCC.

After this amazing event that Esme and I completed. Max and I had a chill evening, we didn't really do much. We had salmon risotto and wine for food, I don't know what it is about wine but it goes straight to my head. One glass and I am wobbling all over the place. Hopefully, tomorrow the weather will be better. I always find when the weather is nice I feel better.


Well, the weather was abit better today and maybe today would have been a better day to run the coastline but I have done it now.

I had class today and during class I created a sea themed make-up look, I will insert a picture below. Honestly, I love space buns, I think they look so cute!

That is basically my day summed up. I have done nothing. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be more interesting. <3


It's Friday bby and I am ready for the weekend. I only had four hours of scenography today, the lesson did drag but we covered a lot of technical issues we hadn't thought of in light of the performance next Friday. If you didn't know next Friday (a week today) my scenography class and a drama class are doing an online adaption of Shakespeare's renowned play 'The Tempest'. That is why I have been practicing different make-up looks this week. As a scenography I will be further developing the storyline through the use of make-up. Since the outset of the play is a vicious storm, I have focused on that, which is why I often used blues and blacks in the make-up looks I am creating.

After class I went to see Max, I will be spending the weekend with him which is why I will be doing one blog post for the two days of the weekend. Hope you all have an amazing weekend.


This weekend has been lovely. Today is Mother's day which if often a difficult day for me because I didn't grow up with my birth mother, but today was different. I have recently realised how luck I am to have more than one mother, my foster parents have helped me majorly throughout my life. I sent two of my foster parents a card and a small gift from me just to show my appreciation of what they have done for me. It is so important to note that I do love and appreciate my mother but she hasn't exactly been the mother that helped me get to where I am today, yes she fed me and wiped my bum when I was little but for 14 years I didn't have her in my life which is hard for anyone. That is why I have so much respect for my foster parents because they have helped me get to where I am today.

Anyway, I just want to add that I have changed the domain name and I have been having major trouble with people assessing my account using wifi. It's abit of a problem because that is what people normally use to access anything so I am currently trying to sort that out. Also, next week is m last week in uni for three weeks because our Easter Holidays are coming up. During this time I plan on creating and uploading several videos in an attempt to build up my channel, I am nearly on 100 subs which is very very exciting for me. Hope to see you next week when my domain name is working! Have a great week :)

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