Spring is here <3


Productive! I didn't realise that doing exercise in the morning had such a positive affect on me and my outlook on life. I woke up at six (in the morning) and dragged myself out of bed to do a 5 mile run as well as a walk up the demonic hill of Aberystwyth as a cool down! I had completed 12 steps by the time 8AM had even struck! After a shower and breakfast I was ready to take on the world! I was just so chuffed to have managed to run that far, I am training for a marathon but that was my longest run in about a month as well as that, I managed to pull a 8;58 split which I was shocked about! Maybe, it was the running down the hill hah. Anyway, at 9am I had class and it was another session where I was nearly in tears because I didn't have a clue what was happening, nothing made sense. My lecturer asked at the end 'any questions', oh boy I had so many questions. I bet my lecturer wished she had never asked! The class ran over because I didn't know what tasks need to be complete for next week, I am still slightly confused but I am sure I will piece it all together!

The evening was a lot better I went to see Max, we made a lovely meal together. I am heading off to bed now I am shattered ... sweet dreams. <3


Today has been super busy, not in the fact that I have been productive because I haven't. I have been busy because I had call after call after call. The fact that I am still looking at my computer screen is a cause of concern. Anyway, the main thing I wanted to write about today is the fact for every module this year ever pupil doesn't have a clue what to do. I have had to email and call lecturers to clear things up, which they haven't because they don't have a clue. It is terrible. I can't believe how poor the level of teach is this year. I understand that we are in a GLOBAL PANDEMIC but this is our education and the future of workers at stake. I had to write several emails hopefully I will have a reply soon, but who knows. It is 10 and only now have I finished writing up emails and gathering evidence to support how I feel. I would say it has been a waste of an evening but it hasn't. Hopefully by sending out the emails I will be helping people although, I shouldn't have need to in the first place. <3


Today was a very chilled today, nothing very much to report. I had a university call and created a soundscape which I will insert below.

I thought it was the final version of the piece, but I was wrong! I still have to change a few things around but that shouldn't take long - I am enjoying soundscape more and more :) Anyway, tomorrow is a very exciting day! It is my boyfriends birthday, so I spend the majority of today just making sure I had got everything ready for his special day. I find it crazy how nearly everyone in the world will have had a lockdown birthday or at least a birthday with coronavirus around. That is why I wanted to make Max's day special. On my birthday he made me feel like an absolute QUEEN, the least he deserves is at least one day where he feels special, even though I do hope he feels special everyday. Anyway, I will stop being soppy and go to bed - sweet dreams <3


Today is Max's birthday and I do hope he had a good day. First we had breakfast, croissants (yummy). I absolutely love croissants with Nutella on them, especially when they are warm and the chocolate starts to melt. Anyway, we went on to do presents and then ohhh gosh we had an amazing meal, it was from cotes brasserie, it got delivery to our door and all we had to do was heat it up in the oven. I do highly recommend to anyone.

The afternoon went by, I had a quick university call and then Max and I had a few facetimes to do since it is his birthday and we couldn't see anyone. After, we indulged in a massive cake, we only had a slice each. Overall, today has been a lovely day and I do hope Max enjoyed his day.


A really chill day today, full of university work and eating. The soundscape below is something I have been working on slowly over the last couple of days. It is a piece elongating Tom Waits 'What's be building'. It is a rather haunting piece that no one would listen to at a disco or too relax. Or at least I wouldn't but whatever floats your boat.

Like I said today has been rather chill, although, Max and I did make a Spaghetti Bolognese which was to die for. I swear a few ml of red wine really does add to this dish... I can see the Michelin star in the distance. Anyway, tomorrow is a big day as it is England vs Wales in the rugby. My favourite day ! Let's hope Wales wins. <3

27/02/21 - 28/02/21

I forgot to write on Saturday so I will just write a weekend blog. The most important news I have is .... WALES WON!!!!!! I would say I can't believe it but I really can ! We had an amazing line up this year and I am so chuffed. To celebrate the girls and I had a drink or two or five but still a really good evening. As Sunday dawned I didn't feel the best but I decided that I would go for a run, I managed 5 miles in the sunshine, it was rather enjoyable. I am hoping to get my mileage up next week, I just know I am going to be very busy over the next couple of days. I have 9ams all week next week. Although, am sure I will manage. As the weekend draws to a close I played abit of Minecraft with Max and had a very healthy meal (salmon, spinach, sweet potatoes and broccoli). Broccoli is by far my favourite vegetable, it has to be roasted though. Anyway, I am heading off to bed, the sun has been wearing me out. I don't know what it is about sun but I get so tired and my eyes get so painful. Sweet dreams. <3

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