A chill day in the world of Tayler. I am actually writing this really late because I have been rather distracted. Well, I say chill - I started something. If you read my blog last week you will have seen that I started a #Twitch account. If you don't know that Twitch is, in summary, it is basically a platform for streamers to do #livestreams. That is what it is to my knowledge. I may be wrong. Anyway, it took me awhile to set everything up but once I finished with the visuals I started my stream. Slight technical difficulties with the sound though, I will need to work on it because it worked here and there but I don't know why my mic didn't work throughout the live stream. A note to those Minecrafters out there, moss cobblestone normally indicates a monster spawner, I found out the hard way today. It is a real shame that the livestream didn't save to my Twitch account because I swear my face would have turned into some sort of meme when I saw the zombies and the spawner.

I went to see Max in the evening, he had an amazing conference today so I bought us some profiteroles, because profiteroles are the superior of all desserts. We have some spare which we will probably have tomorrow at some stage. Anyway, it is late and I have a busy day tomorrow. <3


I am writing this at about 6 in the evening because I am shattered and plan on going to sleep early :) I woke up for 9 ready for class, we had a run through of the show today. I will insert my final look below. I really enjoyed creating this look, although the paint in an absolute pain to come off.

I think the look is rather simple but really eye-catching. I adore the colour of eyeshadow, I have had that blue for ages but never had the courage to try it. Doing make-up for the show has really allowed me to play and try out different more extractant make-up looks. (Compared to my ordinary look, which is just, eyebrows, lip balm, concealer and mascara). Taking it off was a nightmare!

After class, I had a quick read of my emails and I have an amazing opportunity to create a short one minute video discussing Covid-19 and the impact on education which will be played at the Future Generations Xchange Event (March 24th). I need to have it all done by Thursday, so, I am going to dedicate tomorrow to recording and editing.

I also went for a short run, I was shattered and simply couldn't manage anymore than two miles. Right, I am off now. I am going to attend the Vigil #ReclaimTheStreets that Aberystwyth University is putting on. It is so important to attend events like these especially in light of the death of Sarah Everard. #WEAREONE.

17/03/21 - I honestly forgot to write this day up and I can't remember what I have done. I am seeing this on Sunday and I don't have a clue.... oops.


Do you ever get the feeling where you have burnt yourself out from both end of the candle. Yes, I feel like that today.

I firstly started off rather positive, waking up at 6am to go for a run. Although, I still didn't have my headphones which was abit annoying but I still managed a three mile run as well as a short walk up the hill. Getting the steps in :) After, my run I done the usual. Shower and food. For breakfast I made spinach, egg on toast it was so good. If Max doesn't wife me up based on my egg on toast skills then I will be upset ha.

After breakfast, things really started to take a downfall. I just didn't feel good I had to have a little nap, it was a good nap to be honest. After my nap I was going to do a quick livestream but I had trouble with sound so that didn't go to plan. Abit gutting because I was really in the mood, it would have made me feel abit better - you know, abit of a distraction. Anyway, I am not going to get into the ins and outs of what has upset me because all I am saying is, I cannot stand toxicity.

In class, we had abit of a run through for the show TOMORROW. All in all we had a 1-5 and then 6:30-9. That is alot of scenography for one day.

I am going to head to bed now, I am drained and need a good night sleep.


I am writing this the day after, because I ended up drinking way to much - May be abit blurry so bare with.

To start off the day I had a four hour seminar for scenography considering we finished the run though yesterday at nearly 10, I struggled with the whole getting out of bed today. Anyway, in the hope the show goes well, my housemate and I went and bought drinks ready for after the show.

The show went very well, a few technical difficulties here and there but it went amazingly well. Now for the Easter Holidays :)


I wake up rather rough this morning, and I haven't really done anything because of this. I didn't think I drank that much yesterday but I think the problem is that I don't drink often anymore. So, maybe when I do drink, it hits me harder than it used to. I often used to feel totally immune when drinking - pre-covid (definitely not the case). In an attempt to be somewhat productive, I done my washing - even though it should have been done days ago. I also went to see Max, we had a lovely afternoon together as well as an amazing evening. We made pizza's today because it is our anniversary and every anniversary we make pizzas together :)

I am very quickly going to skim past this part..... Wales lost the game against France. Sad times. <3


The weather was beautiful today, I tried the best to make the most of it but I really needed to catch up on my sleep. I have been so tired the past couple of days, like mentally drained. It is safe to say, I have never been more happy to see a university holiday. Weird to think though I have just over a year left in university. Anyway enough of that.

Max and I went for a walk today, honestly it was so hilly but my exercise didn't stop there. This evening I went for a four mile run. I wasn't really feeling it before I left but once I was out and about I loved it. I have been neglecting running recently. Not because I have wanted to not run but because I have been out walking and I have been super busy with uni work as well as other commitments.

I am writing this at about 8 and I am going to go make myself some food now. Here's to another week. :)

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