Snow Day

Updated: Feb 16


Today has been a seemingly interesting day.

First, I woke to a sprinkle of snow on the sea salted ground of Aberystwyth. Although, this wasn't enough to satisfy my need to physically touch and see snow. That is why, Max (my boyfriend) and I took a quick trip to Nant yr Arian, in which a beautiful coat of snow sat.

The further away from Aberystwyth we drove, the deeper into a layer of snow we got. It was a beautiful sight. I haven't thrown a snow ball since I was about 8 (11 years ago).

This afternoon, I had some free time in which I wanted to be somewhat productive.

Therefore, I created a room tour video and posted it on YouTube, in the hope, it will help people when they are planning on moving to Fferm Penglais. Also, I went for a two mile run, I honestly felt great after ! It was lovely to get outside and have some me time. Self-care, self-love and self-reflection is so important in my growth journey.

I am ready and excited to take on the first day back at university tomorrow.

Alarm is set. Eyes are shutting. I will see you tomorrow. <3

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