Did you say 1 thousand?

I am writing is on Friday, at lunch since I have a few moments spare. I will fill you in on my week so far because I have been the busiest I have ever been, well... in regards to university work. I am up to my neck in it. University work has been all go, I had some results back and I was not happy with my marks. As a matter of fact I was so upset I had a call with my lecturer so he could tell me why he gave me the mark and I still don't understand because the feedback to improve said 'keep going' WTF does that mean?!?!? Anyway, this isn't the only thing that has triggered me this week. Another trigger for me has been my film module 'creative studio' it is so poorly run and students are continually left hanging by a thread because the lecturers don't give a clear brief. Ahh. Not long left now though.

Although on a positive note I got a new job. I will be working in a café on top of Constitution Hill throughout the summer months. I start next Saturday. Happy days.

Also, I have taken abit of a break from running this week but I have been walking, I have taken a step back because my legs are in agony. I really pushed my last week and I must have done some sort of damage so I am in a state of recovery haha.

Later, Max and I plan on going home for the weekend which we are both excited about.

It is now Sunday evening and I am shattered.

Max and I have had a very busy weekend, we went back home, done alot of walking, alot of talking, had our first meal out since last year and now we are back home.

We literally just got home five minutes ago and I am writing this at 22:30. Anyway, I have some really exciting news..... One of my YouTube videos hit 1 thousand views! I simply cannot believe it, I am so happy and filled with excitement. I plan on starting going weekly blogs again too.

Anyway, since it is so late I do plan on sleeping now. I will see you all next week when pubs and restaurant open in Wales for a meal outdoors. YAY.

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