Care Day (week)


Monday has been and gone and I have barely done anything. I first had a film lecture via Microsoft Teams (it's safe to say, it didn't go according to plan). I ended up in tears partly because I didn't have a clue what we were doing, it was all techy and I am not the best when it comes to technical things. Besides my little breakdown in class, I had a good day. For scenography we listened to this piece of music (linked below) and WOW. Just Wow. This is my go to soundtrack until I find other song or piece of music I vibe to.

Anyway, today has just been rather boring, nothing much has gone on, I went to see Max which has been lovely, we played abit of Minecraft together (couples who game together stay together). Today in our Minecraft session I made a train station when Max made the railway, it is actually coming together nicely. In Minecraft I have an obsession with turning cobblestone into nice looking shapes, it might be abit weird and a possible waste of coal, but I enjoy it... so don't at me. I hope tomorrow is abit more eventful. <3


Today has definitely been more eventful in comparison to yesterday. I will bullet point what has happened -

  • I created a Twitter account, I know check me out. I am down with the Millennials. I got an account because I thought it would be a good way to get into contact and connect with others like myself. Not people who look like me but people who are sharing their care experiences, and using their experiences to help others. I normally use Instagram but I feel as though Twitter is more beneficial when it comes to resharing and getting yourself known.

  • Created a soundscape. Thoroughly enjoyed this task. Although, it was a rather depressing monologue to listen to over and over again. It was in essence about the pandemic and trying to better ones self but basically being stuck in a rut. It was very well written piece, and I think that is why it hit hard because I think it's a piece that the whole world can relate to. I remember one morning in the first lockdown and thinking what is the point of getting up today. I don't feel like that anymore, it is more the fact that my mindset has now changed about the situation and it looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Went for a 3 and a half mile run. Right, so the plan was 5 miles except I hadn't planned on having my legs causing a campfire. Yes, you heard it right, they were chafing and I was in agony. That reminds me I need to order new running leggings.

  • Last but not least PANCAKES. I flipped my first pancake, not very well but it got flipped!

Also, my boyfriend and I watched a murder case on Netflix about Elisa Lam and it's hit me hard. I did debate whether writing a blog and putting myself out there is the right thing to do. If I was just putting myself in danger. I am come to the conclusion if I don't write anything very personal then I won't be putting myself in danger (hopefully). Anyway, I am now going to try and sleep, I don't know if I will be able to sleep but I will try. <3


Started off with an amazing call. I got offered an amazing opportunity. The opportunity includes creating a video type thing and a podcast with authors and poets. After, I had a university call. Yes, another pointless session because I didn't learn anything. I love learning and I think this is why when 4 hours of my day gets basically wasted because my lecturers decide to go on a tangent! Anyway that's enough of that. (GETTING TRIGGERED).

Other than that my day has been rather quite. Tomorrow though I am going to be a very busy bee. Therefore, I am now going to hit the hay. <3


I have literally been so busy today! I swear this is the first time all day I have been able to think and relax, one thing after another … blimey!

First I went to the studio (for sounds equipment).

Second, I had a two hour careers call with the BBC (T'was very interesting).

Third, I had a university seminar for a few hours.

Four, I had a call with Voices From Care to organise the final arrangements for tomorrow (Care Day). I am so nervous, I didn't realise how big the conference was until Chris and Ellie from Voices told me that 180 people will be attending. I know for many people 180 may be a tiny audience, but for me. Your average welsh girl, who could never pluck up the courage to even knock on the door of a classroom or even ask a teacher for help in front of all my classmates because it was too embarrassing. I have changed and know I am able to share my life story freely on YouTube as well as talk in front of massive crowds! I am proud of myself. Well done Tayler for being able to get over your fears and use them to benefit yourself.

Ahhh I need sleep and I need it now! <3


I done it. Yes, that's right. I have only gone and hosted and kicked off #CareDay21 with the 5 Nations #CareDay21 Q&A with each nations Children's Commissioners! (Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland and The republic Ireland). It was an amazing experience! I did mess up a tad at the start but I did recover and it went well! I am still on a high, I am just amazed at myself.

Right, before anyone has a go for my terrible handwriting ! I am right handed and I had to write on my right hand (because I messed it up real bad on my other hand, embarrassing I know) Anyway, as a treat Max and I had salmon pasta (Our Friday night treat). Other than that today has been rather boring. I jut can't believe the amount of support I had after I completed the conference, the world isn't all doom and gloom. <3


Max and I didn't realise it was our 13 months today! Yes, we have been dating for 13 months - I know it is such a short period of time in the grand schemes of our lives but we always make pizza for our anniversary! The fact we only realised this morning was kinda like a little surprise! Yummy! I have Cheese, sweetcorn, Quorn sausages, spinach and tomatoes on mine and it tasted like heaven.

To be honest, I have really been neglecting my university work and I am very upset with myself. I focused so much on Care Day and making sure that it all went swimmingly, I totally let my university work go, which isn't good! Although, I did some work today to make sure that I am ready for Monday! Monday is always the day I dread the most in terms of university work. I have a 9-1 (Film) then 2-6 (Scenography). I can already hear you thinking 'well Tayler, that is basically a normal job amount of hours' and I will reply with...working that amount of hours isn't the issue, the problem is sitting in front of a screen with several distractions around you. It is so difficult to concentrate for that long especially, if the topic is boring or something you aren't particularly interested in. Anyway, I going to sleep now! I have a long walk planned with my flatmates tomorrow. <3


I have never walked so much in my life! Joking, I have, but I went on a 6 mile walk today with my housemates and it was very enjoyable. We walked down to the seafront to watch the waves (we saw a few surfers) and we have a pasty from PDs diner and sat and watched the waves rise and fall (it was beautiful). The photo below is a tradition in Aberystwyth. If you want to know more please click HERE.

After the lovely walk, I done my washing and all the householdy essentials then walked to see Max, I only saw him for an hour or so but I had a great time. We just had long chats, I really enjoy deep conversations. I do not deal very well with small talk or group chats. I like talking about the ins and out of everything, I like talking conspiracy theories everything like that. I am writing this at about 8 in the evening and I am about to do some soundscapes for university tomorrow, wish me luck! I will see you next week! <3

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