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A weirdly start to a Monday morning. Had a lecture even though it is the holidays. I always find my lecturer can't answer a question directly.

Me- 'Yeah I have a question' - Says question.

Lecturer - Talks for 15 minutes.

Me - 'Thank you but you still haven't answered my question.

and repeat.

After class, I done some work. It isn't going to get done by itself. Although, that didn't last for long because I ended up going for a walk with Esme. We walked up Consti, Esme thought it would be a GREAT idea to stray from the main path and go on a different path (on the way down) I basically saw my life flash before my eyes.

The image above is of Esme at the top, she is so gorgeous. On the way down we stopped off for a milkshake (well deserved of course). You know I will really miss Aberystwyth when I leave.

After, I went back home and had a chill evening with Max. We watched a film called 'The escape from Pretoria'. It has Daniel Radcliffe in so I thought it would be good but I wasn't a massive fan. I thought the storyline was rushed and alot of detail was lost. Anyway I am writing this rather late at night so I am going to head to bed. <3


A rather chill day today. I started off the day with a run, only managed 3 miles today but 3 miles is better than no miles. I think I am still stiff from yesterday, Consti may be small but it certainly does get my legs, every time. After, I managed to get quite a few bits for uni done. I have been really trying to focus on my uni work recently. I have come to the realisation that I basically have a year left in university. Crazy to think uni has basically come and gone.

I also done a twitch stream, some lovely people on the internet but some people...well..I have had to ban people from my stream. If you say no to joining their game they have a right problem. I just don't understand. I will probably do another one soon because over all I did enjoy.

I am writing this at 8 just haven eaten my food, which was spinach, Quorn chicken and garlic bread. Ughhhhhh, I love garlic bread. I remember growing up and I didn't understand the hype but now... I am in love.


Today was a rather chill today for me, I started off with a twitch stream. I am really loving it at the moment, just a little stress relief for me. Also, Max and I went for a little drive to Borth. Borth is lovely just empty. There is nothing to do at Borth, I couldn't live there just because of that, although, Borth does have an amazing cinema it is so quirky. 100% do recommend going when and if you can.

Also, I quickly wanted to say that the welsh government future event happened today and my video got played. YAY.

Other than that I have just been doing university work, considering we are in the holidays you wouldn't think it. I am tired considering I have done nothing all day. I will see you tomorrow.


Nothing major happened today, the weather was actually pretty nice today but I had university work to do. Not to toot my own horn or anything but I really am putting alot of time and effect into my uni work recently. Well... I say nothing major but I am dying to tell someone. So... You know Michael Sheen. Yeah... the Michael Sheen. Well, he helped raised money for a charity I am a part of, Voices from Care. I have spoke about them before in my blogs because it is a charity that NEEDS to be recognised for the amazing work they do. Anyway, I have been asked to record a video thanking him and his wife (Anna) on the behalf of the charity. I am amazed and so honoured that they asked :) I haven't really told anyone because well I don't really have many people to tell ahah.

Also, another bit of exciting news. I reached 100 subscribers on my YouTube I can't believe it. I posted a video and then my sub count just went up and passed 100. Now onto 150 :) I couldn't contain my excitement so I went on a run/walk with Esme. I am so lucky to have Esme as a friend we are so close, it is honestly like having a sister from another Mr. Other than that my day has been rather chill.


Twitch. Run. Work. Sleep.


More uni work today. Never ending cycle. Other than slaving over my laptop to do uni work I posted another YouTube video. I am really motivated to post YouTube videos at the moment. I have so many ideas :)

The video I posted today was a declutter with my video. I really would like to get rid of so many things so I started off with my wardrobe. I think the problem is, I love clothes but struggle to get rid of clothes that don't fit anymore. Often clothes hold sentimental value and that is normally why I don't throw things away.

Also, I need to add that I watched the BLOXYS awards (Roblox awards) and I was amazed at the quality of the event. Amazing. I don't think it can be topped.


The wind is awful today but I still had to get a run in. I have a plan from Team NSPCC so I forced myself out the door and managed to get a run in. The pavements were full of people, I don't know why people chose to go out in terrible weather, like I had to literally hype myself up to get out the door. On the plus side I got my steps in. Anyway, I am writing this at 6:32 when yesterday it would have been 5:32. Yeah, I didn't release the clocks went forward last night. I woke up in a state of panic because I didn't release, silly me. Anyway, I will be posted this post in a second and then I will go chill in bed. :)

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