I am going to be totally honest, I have totally neglected my blog this week. I don't know what has gotten into me. Normally, I write everyday or at least keep notes of everyday and I haven't this week. It is currently Thursday and to be honest this week has been rather boring, I haven't got very much to say so far. On Monday, I came back to Aberystwyth, I really enjoyed my stay at home but I miss Aber every time I got anywhere. It's weird because I remember on my first day at university I went on a night out... surprise....surprise. Anyway, I went to the shop, Spar to get nibbles to eat before walking up the hill back to my house and the security guard got chatting with me and he said that Aberystwyth has a thing about it when people come they never want to leave, and I can confirm it is true, so very true. Although, I know I will have to leave at some stage, probably as soon as I find a job after uni.

Anyway, I haven't only neglected my blog this week, I have neglected running. I have only ran 3 miles this week and it is Thursday. I can't keep going on like this so I have got my running gear at the bottom of my bed ready for a run tomorrow morning. I want to try and get in 5 miles tomorrow. I am heading to bed now and I promise for the rest of the week I will post in my regular structure.


Right, I am back writing daily posts on here, I don't know what happened at the start of this week but I am back baby and I am so happy it is a FRIDAY. You know why I love Friday's..... I don't either, I just do. Anyway, today I have done NOTHING other than several LOOONNNNGGGG hours of university work. I am probably still no closer to finishing because I am a queen at procrastinating.

Ohhh wait I did wake up at 6 and leave for a five mile run, it was so cold out today and I also got catcalled. I was NOT happy about this, I have said it once and I will say it again... Why? What to 'men' think they are going to achieve? I put 'men' in quotation marks because a true man would treat a woman with respect, and catcalling in my eyes is very disrespectful. They wouldn't do it if I was running alongside my boyfriend or any other male, so why is there a need when I am alone.

I also went to see Max today and we had a lovely evening together, we cooked spag bol with meatballs and it was the bomb, we are quite the chef not going to lie. <3 Anyway, I am heading off to bed, Max and I are trying out a new game on Xbox called 'it takes two' I will let you know how it goes.

I just want to note that Prince Philip past away today and my thoughts are with the Queen and the rest of this family.


I am so happy to have gotten in a few miles in today. I plan on going out again tomorrow to get a few more miles in :) I am writing this rather early today because I plan on having a few drinks with Max tonight, going to get all dolled up. I tried my dress on yesterday I will insert the picture below. I just wanted to say that I have finally accepted my body and I bloody love it. I am slowly turning into the woman I have always dreamed to be and I am proud of myself.


Ughhhhh.... I take it back, a 'woman' wouldn't have spend the entirety of her day spewing her guts out. Yeah, a quick flashback to last night. I DRANK WAY TO MUCH, well I didn't but the gin was strong and I haven't drank in ages. I have never felt this bad before, I couldn't even keep water down. So, my day was spend in bed, dying - I have learnt the hard way.

Know your limit,

thank you for listening to my Ted Talk.

I will see you next week. :)

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