A week of in-person lecturers


How is it March already? I can't believe how quick this year is passing! Only feels like yesterday since the world pandemic begun! I am glad that things are aimed to go back to semi-normal by summer. There is a glimpse of hope and in times like this it is more than enough!

Anyway, about my day. I had my first in person-lesson of 2021! It went really well, although, I am stressed out of my eyeballs with the work load for this module! The module is called 'Creative Studio'. It entails pupils making different genres of television, although the television programme is 'supposedly' being broadcasted live. The majority of today was spent gather research ready for my second in-person lesson which is tomorrow at 9am. I also went on a 5 mile run! Max joined me for my last 2 and a half miles, I really enjoyed the run (it got cold very quickly). I am rather drained now - I can't wait for tomorrow - I think the lovely weather has had such a positive effect on me and my mood recently. <3


Another gorgeous day today! I had to put sun cream on because I was paranoid I would burn. Considering my mum is from Australia and turns into a lovely shade of tan as soon as the sun peaks out from the clouds, it makes me jealous. Unfortunately I have my dads sensitive skins. Anyway I am going to stop myself there, because I could go on a rant about my dad - we don't have a functioning relationship. Every time we try and work on it, it gets thrown back into my face. I can't be dealing with negative vibes so I just get on with it.

There really isn't to much to report today. Class was cancelled today which was gutting, honestly I can't see this week going to plan at all (in regards to in person teaching). It feels are though everything is rather last minute and nothing is set in stone, which is a cause of concern since this year is flying by. Class was cancelled once everyone had arrived. So, we decided as a class to go for a socially distanced walk :) I really enjoyed it, a lovely group of down to earth people.

Another plus, I was getting my steps. I might set my goal this month to achieve no less than 10 thousands steps a day. Let's see how it goes.

Also, Max and I went for a little picnic, it was so beautiful! It is great that we can still do simple dates even during lockdown! <3

Anyway, that is really it. I told you I didn't really have anything to report. I hope that tomorrow I am a little busier. <3


Another in-person lesson and I take it back, I wish I hadn't said 'I h0pe tomorrow I am a little busier'. I have been so busy. In class I had the chance to be the director and the directors personal assistant. It was great to try out these roles and see exactly how working in a studio works.

Although, I didn't have the chance to get infront of the camera. I had a script ready for yesterday another script ready for today and still didn't get the opportunity. It is all a learning curve, I understand when working in the studio often things don't always play out the way they originally planned but it is just such a shame. It is a shame because I have put so much time and effort into creating scripts and editing videos together, and still I don't have a finished product to show for it. I think I might record them myself in my room just so I can practice, and at least I will have something to show in my modules portfolio.

As well as having class, I had long call with someone in my class in order to chat about further plans about class and scripts, probably all going to be pointless but we will see. I made cue cards aswell, just to make doing the interview (for class) at some stage this week somewhat better.

In addition to this I went for a short walk in order to get my steps in! Believe it or not I am and I will continue to take the 10 thousand steps a day serious. Let's see what tomorrow brings.


BUSY BUSY BUSY. Okay, if you didn't know I have been so busy today. I will have to bullet point what I have done because it is late and I am tired.

I had a three hour in person lesson and guess what. I had a chance get in front of the camera, apparently 'I am natural'. I got to create a banana sandwich in class, I didn't eat it of course but it was essential for my module. Banana sandwich is not really my thing but it was great to use a script that I had prepared, because I haven't had the chance the last two days. I also, had the chance to be floor manager, a camera women and sound mixer. I really enjoyed being floor manager. I really enjoyed todays session. The image below is a picture of the set and a few of the people in my class. As you can see we are all socially distanced of course, can't be breaking the law.

I had a quick call with a blogger, her Instagram handle is @wandering_everywhere she was a very down to earth person. You should definitely check her page out.

I went on a run and I tackled the Aberystwyth hill! I managed to get to the top, I did stop once though. I hate running up hills, it really isn't my thing. It is so painful, I honestly don't think running should be this painful but I still continue to do it. I will try and run up hill at least twice a week, hopefully it will help with my booty. I have been trying to grow my bum but I can't see much change ahhhh.

I also, created another script which was rather stressful, it is for class tomorrow (children's show). I just can't believe it was only today we found that we had to had a full script ready for tomorrow, I got it done.

Like I said, it is late and I am tired. I will see you tomorrow. <3


I had such a lovely day today but the worst start. I normally start my day at 6:30 in the morning but today I made the mistake of turning my alarm off and falling back asleep. We have all done it and I swear I have a mini heart attack every time this happens to me. Although, I did manage to get ready in time so basically had nothing to worry about.

Today was my last in-person lesson today well at least for awhile. Another day where I got to go in front of the camera, it was great. It was for a 'children's show' I read 'room on the broom' I absolutely love this look - 100% do recommend. I also went on a walk. It was a rather chill walk, it was four miles just to get the steps in, I went with two girls from park run. I really do miss doing parkrun. I miss waking up early on a Saturday morning to the crisp freshness of the air and running 5km with a bunch of keen runners. It is such a lovely community to be a part of, everyone is so supportive. No matter how fast, slow, fit, skinny you are, everyone helps each other. At the end of the day a mile is a mile and 5km is 5km, no matter how long it takes it is all the same distance.

Anyway, today is rather chill and I plan on going to bed early because I am knackered. Sweet dreams. <3


Saturday is here and I savoured every moment I could having a lay in. Honestly, waking up and having intense days like I have been having recently has made me appreciate the little things. Like having a lay in and not being woken up by a blaring alarm at stupid o'clock in the morning. My day has been rather boring, Max and I did go for a picnic though - which was lovely. We made our own sandwich. I made a vegetarian meatball, spinach, harissa paste and red leister sandwich in a ciabatta roll. If you haven't tried it, I 100% do recommend. We went along South beach, we actually sat in near enough the same spot we sat when we first started seeing each other. It is weird when I look back at our relationship and how much we have grown as people in our relationship. We both are very happy people and it is lovely to have someone to share that with <3 Another bonus to the picnic is that I managed to get my steps in ..... oh happy days.

As I am writing this I have Max to my right hand side asking if what I want for food, so I will get going to help with food. See you tomorrow. <3


I have had a semi-productive day today. I am writing this at 6pm and I plan on having a very chilled out evening since my legs are in so much pain. I went out for a run today with the intention of running 6 miles but the soles of my feet have started to have blister, this has made running recently rather painful. I managed to run 5 miles and walked the remining mile, I actually walked the last mile with Max and it was lovely. The sun was melting into our skin, a slight breeze and the best company. Perfect. Well, except for my blisters.

I also created a sea themed makeup look for one of my scenography modules. I used #Snazaroo paint and I wouldn't recommend. The paint was rather blotchy, no matter how much paint I used. I will probably have to try and find new paint if I am going to do this again. Before, you see the look it is important I note that the look is meant to resemble the deeps of the sea up until the sky. Now squint your eyes and you might see it. Ahhhh.

I have many improvements to make but it was a great first attempt. When and if I try this look again I will ensure that my face is completely bare, today I already had my everyday make up on which is eyebrows, concealer under the eyes and mascara. Nothing major but it really does boost my confidence. I cannot wait to get my eyebrows shaped and tinted when salons open up.

Before, I post this I want to add that I have reached my daily step everyday this week. Happy days. I have been feeling rather confident in myself recently. I think it's because I have done some form of exercise everyday and I have been eating fairly healthy. Although, I did have one day where I binged chocolate and punished myself and didn't eat until the next day because I felt terrible. This isn't something that happens often but when it does I get really upset with myself. Hopefully with time this won't happen because I know it is unhealthy and I hate myself when I do it.

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