A great week :)


March has basically been and gone, crazy to think how quick this year has gone by. Weirdly, today has flown by too. I don't know if I have just been busy which made the day go by in the blink of an eye but it isn't a bad thing really. I stayed focused on completing a chunk of university work today which I am so happy about. The Easter holidays will be soon over and I will be back to having loads of work so I need to make sure to stay on top of things.

I also completed a YouTube video - I will insert it below.

I had to much fun making this video. I am really into my YouTube at the moment. I also, recorded another video but haven't finished editing so that video will be up at the end of the week. I don't want to post too many at once, so I am pre-recording and then I will scatter them out.

I am writing this at 7 o'clock when it is still light outside. I can't believe it. When I first started writing my blogs back in January/February time it was normally dark by 4/5 o'clock. I am not complaining though. I love sun evenings, I can't wait until the beer gardens open back up, I am glad I have my priorities straight aha. Anyway, I am off to go cook some food with Max, we are making cod paella :) Yummy <3


It was unbearably warm today but I still tried to get as much things as I could done. Firstly, I got my admin done and managed to get as much work done as I could managed and then I went for a run. I managed two miles before I found I was going to collapse because of the heat. I was chuffed to have managed two miles because two miles is better than no miles, am I right? Tomorrow I plan on doing a morning run so I can't wait to get out before the sun rises.

I managed to get a YouTube video up, which is amazing -

I also, sold a few things in depop so I am going to have to take those to the post office before Friday. I plan on going home to see my family this Easter Sunday, so I have alot of things I need to get done before then.

Before my day drew to a close, I had a delivery of clothes which I am happy about, although I do need to send a few things back. Also, I had a FaceTime with one of my best friends, Kayleigh. She is amazing and we haven't had a proper catch up in so long, it was really about time we just rung one another and filled each other in on all of our goings on. I can't wait to see her and Ellie when everything opens up again. :)


Ouch, my braces are in so much pain. I am writing this at about 7:30 and I had my braces tightened and have had elastics fitted at 11 this morning. I have honestly never felt such a numb ache in my life. I have basically been eating paracetamol by the bucket load because my pain is unbearable.

Prior to the aches and pains that todays orthodontist appointment caused I went for a five mile run and then a mile walk up the hill as a cool down. I really enjoyed my run today, it was quite, warm enough but not too warm and well, running during sunrise is something I live for. I was so happy to have caught sunrise this morning because it proved to be a very sunny and refreshing day.

April starts tomorrow and my 'run at least 5km for two weeks starts', I am nervous but I know it is for a good cause so it will all be worth it in the end. #NSPCC


Right, I know it is April Fools day but I am not even kidding when I say I have been so busy today. I have literally walked a half marathon in miles today. I will bullet point what I have done from start to finish -

Covid test - came back negative :)

3 and a half mile run


Printing labels off

Parcel delivering

Recorded and edited a video for Voices from Care

Walk down the hill

Walk back up the hill

Packed my suitcase

and now I am writing this.

I know it might not seem like alot for the average person but for me I have basically been on my feet all today, and as a result I am so tired. I plan on chilling with Max now and playing abit of Minecraft with him. <3


I am writing this at 8 o'clock, food is cooking I have a cuppa in one hand and life is bliss. I am back home for the weekend, I didn't realise how much I miss home until I am home. I haven't seen them since last year, so it has been months to catch up on. I know we have been in lockdown but I still have plenty to say.

I got picked up today in the Bentley, abit of a surprise but I was not complaining, well.... other than the fact it is open top and my hair was blowing all over the place. When I got back it was abit of a rush because we had a tea party to attend to, I had a lovely time. We stayed at the tea party for hours and we not long got back. I got asked several times about my plans after uni. I really didn't know how to answer, maybe to work my way up into having my own production company one day. You have to dream big am I right?

All in all today has been a really chill day, but a day that I have been looking forward to for so long. Anyway, I am not going to stay too long and write this because I want to spend sometime with the family.


A semi productive today, I am back home but I didn't see many people today since everyone was busy. During that time I completed more of an essay which was good, each day is a day closer to due in date.

Although, in the afternoon I went for a quick run and a short walk, you know trying to get the steps in which I did - as I am writing this I am on 15,000 steps which isn't to bad :)

That is all I have to report today, I know it is boring but unfortunately I am not busy or have things on all the time.

04/04/21 - Easter Sunday

I know I am writing this on Monday, because I simply didn't have enough time yesterday.

On Sunday, it was Easter Sunday, and we had a roast (it was amazing). We also went on a family walk, it was long because it was warm but still a really good walk. I also, went to see my friend, we went to Dryslwyn Castle and Paxton Tower, it was beautiful and we had a great time.

I better post this because it is late and I apologise.

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