It snowed again

Updated: Feb 16


I couldn't believe my eyes when I woke to snow, wasn't very much but snow is snow, am I right? Anyway, it didn't last long. It turned into rain, I am much more familiar with rain than snow anyway.

I managed to do some university work today, ready for a long day tomorrow. I am very excited to start my semester two film module tomorrow. I managed to fit a two mile run in, I know two miles isn't far for someone who is running a marathon in a few months but consistency is key. Actually, I haven't been very consistent either. Yeah, I have a long way to go.

I have really been missing my sister today, and yesterday and the day before. I have basically been missing her a lot recently. We are starting to call everyday or every other day depending on our schedules and it honestly makes my day. Yes, we have our ups and downs but so does every pair of siblings across the globe. If you hadn't guessed, we are twins. It is important for me to note, that in fact I am the eldest. It may only be by three minutes but it call counts, am I right?

Let's see what tomorrow has to offer. <3

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