One of those days

Updated: Feb 16


Woke at 7:30 to be all ready and prepared for my scenography class at 9, online of course. I didn't learn much or anything! Today was focused solemnly on the drama students and the scenography lot were just left to one side, most of the people from scenography just left the call but I stuck it out in the hope I would take away something useful, but I really didn't.

After a dreadful online lecture, I remembered that my results for one of my essays was released at 12. I had 68 :) I am happy with that. This chirped me up.

I then decided to create a YouTube video (linked below).

The video focuses on LAC meetings. For many foster children the thought of having a meeting about them can be daunting, that is why I decided to create a video. The video emphasises that LAC meetings are not as scary as they first seem, and are actually a major benefit to said individual.

As a person who grew up in foster care from the age of 4, I think I have a decent amount of knowledge on this topic, and I was willing to share this with other individuals in similar situations. After editing and posting my videos, I decided to pack my bags and walk down the massive hill into town to stay with Max. We played Minecraft for awhile. For someone who really doesn't get video/computer games I am getting pretty good, even if I do say so myself.

As I am writing this Max is cooking salmon pasta for us both, it is always our Friday night meal, it is so yummy. I have been trying to cut down my pasta consumption before I turn into a strand of spaghetti, it is going well so far. This is my only pasta dish this week. It is doing to go down a treat. I am manifesting that tomorrow will be a good day :) We will see. <3

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