Productive day

Updated: Feb 16


I never knew how much my mood fluctuated until I started writing a daily blog.

Yesterday I didn't have a good day but today, it was some what productive which, for me is a big thumbs up.

I woke to my alarm at 8:30, and left the apartment for 9:30 to drop some parcels off at the post office. I don't know if it just me but I always leave parcel returns until the very last minute - So, I am glad I have now send those back :)

Anyway, after the long walk into town and back my productivity did not end there ! I called the doctors, book an appointment and then completed some university research.

After my four hour lecture, I decided to go for a short run just to get a proper stretch in my legs. I was rather happy with my pace today. Got back showered then went to do my washing.

I have managed to get a lot of little things done which has put a smile on my face :)

Before I publish this blog entry I have something to share..... I was scrolling through Facebook earlier and saw ........ (Insert below)

I know ! It looks amazing ! This creation was made my Lauren who's Instagram handle is @itslittlelauren - Go give her a follow if the photo above makes your mouth water. <3

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