The Tempest

Updated: Feb 16


It is only the second day back and I have a workload as high as the Eiffel Towel. Another 4 hour zoom call today, it nearly killed off every working brain cell I had. Although, I did get to watch a table top performance, it is exactly what is says on the tin. I will insert the Youtube link below.

I believe the whole concept of having a table as the main stage, as well as everyday household items such as jars and aerosols to recreate a play is interesting and something that has really helped my understanding of the play The Tempest. The use of each jar or vase created a character in the most bizarre way. No facial features. No variation in accent. No actual movement. Yet, the play made sense, it worked. As a student who understand things when they are simple and broken down, this was the perfect embodiment of the play and is something that has further developed by understanding of theatre. Not all plays and re-enactment need to be performed exactly how the play was written. Within the contemporary age our understanding and way of thinking is completely different to those from the 18th century and that is why adaptions of plays and writing pieces are a key learning element to those of the modern age.

Anyway, after a long couple of hours doing university work I decided to go for a run along the bitterly cold coast of Aberystwyth. The sight of the sea never fails to take my breath away. Today in particular it look my breath away, partly because the cold wind felt like ice cubes being pushed down my throat. Although, I embraced it and managed to get 3 miles in.

As my day draws to a close I am ready for what tomorrow has to bring. I feel as though I am ready to take on whatever life throws at me. I don't know if that is the endorphins talking, but I am going to embrace this feeling for however long it lasts. I will see you tomorrow. <3

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