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Updated: Feb 16

06/02/21 -07/02/21

What a weekend!

06/02/21 - Today has been a really good day, it was first spent with Max. We went for a walk along the coast, although, it started to rain which was not appreciated by Max and I. Anyway, after a lovely morning with Max, I went back to my place. I had a very exciting evening planned with the girls, I had make sure I looked my best. I will insert a picture below of my flat mates.

Aren't they all looking beautiful?! The night ended up with the 6 of us dancing in the kitchen until we could no longer dance! I remember having to sit down because I am absolutely shattered for all the jumping, dancing and singing. I hit the hay at about 3:30 which is not very good and I will not be staying up that late again.

07/02/21 - I woke up feeling pretty rough this morning but nothing a nice breakfast, tea and a large glass of water couldn't fix. After breakfast and a catch up with the girlies in the kitchen I went to edit a video together. I recorded the footage yesterday but only had time today. I was one of my favourite videos to edit (I will link it below). Also, my sister has been doing my thumbnails, I am in love.

The video was so fun for me to put together because it is advice I wish I heard growing up.

The 20 tips are -

  1. Sleep

  2. Challenge yourself

  3. Dream Journal

  4. Blog

  5. Poetry

  6. Photography (like appreciate what you have around you)

  7. Schedule yourself (plan) to do list

  8. Question yourself why?

  9. Educate yourself

  10. Do yourself school work

  11. Surround yourself around positive people

  12. Karma will come round - stop stressing

  13. Block him

  14. Cut out toxic people

  15. Yoga or mediate

  16. Each three meals a day (healthy) but don’t restrict yourself

  17. Smile

  18. Shower and dress

  19. Keep an eye of what you are spending

  20. Put your problems into perspective

I believe that all of these are doable tasks that can really help improve mental health. I am currently at a place where I am somewhat content within my own skin. I obviously still have insecurities but nearly every person that has even taken a step into this world has insecurities. I don't think anyone will ever be fully happy within themselves unless they push past everything that is toxic in their life. I am working on it. It was only a recent discovery for me.

I posted a video about being in foster care on my YouTube channel and I had two types of responses. One saying 'Well done for being brave enough to share your experiences and helping others', whereas, the other and I quote 'I accidentally came across your YouTube blog . You looked unprepared and it wasn't factual . If you going to "dis" the people who cared for you and, incidentally went over Social Services head to contact Chams because we were so worried about you , then please have the courtesy to get it right.' This hurt me because I post videos in order to help other and share my side of the story, not get abuse off people who I thought cared for me. I guess the saying “Your biggest fan is a stranger. Your biggest hater is someone you know” is very true, especially given the situation. Anyway, where was I? Yeah, so I brought this up because it drew light upon toxicity. I don't need this type of upset in my life, I only want people that love and care for me in my life. I searched the definition of a toxic person just incase I looked unprepared or if I wasn't being factual. 'A toxic person is anyone whose behaviour adds negativity and upset to your life.'

Anyways, I am going to head out for a run to let some stream off.

Ohhh, I wanted to quickly note that from now on I will be posting one big weekly blog instead of short daily ones. I feel as though this will work better with my current lifestyle. Thank you for all your support so far. <3

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