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I am feeling really positive today! Great things have happened today and I am living for them.... I am riding the wave :) Not literally... I can't surf... but you know what I mean.

I managed to be productive in my scenography call today, the scenographers were left to their own devices but got set an actual task, I will insert my video clip below and then explain -

Right, I know it looks odd and abit crazy but that was the aesthetic I was going for. It is a very last minutes thrown together video piece. It was set as a task on a virtual call for scenography, we got left to our own devices for an hour or so. The purpose of this mini project was to create something within our home spaces that represents a scene from William Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. I went for a rather abstract rather broken up piece. I wanted to paint a picture of a nightmare or PTSD episode that Prospero may have felt after causing the wild storm at the start of the play. This is something that Prospero may not have actually felt, but I strongly believe I have captured a nightmare like image within this short video. I am happy with this piece, considering I only had an hour to create the boat, record footage and piece together the end result.

After class I had a lovely long conversation with one of my foster parents, they are amazing people and I wish I could see them, but Covid has other ideas. After the lovely catch up I went on a run, I only had time for two and a half miles today but managed a few hill sprints (happy days).

I couldn't manage much longer because I had an exciting call with a group called 'Voices From Care', they have offered me a slot on Care Day (19th February) to recite my poetry and explain my story growing up and how I got to where I am. I think this is such a big opportunity for me, which I am very happy to be a part of.

Anyway, I am now going to watch Harry Potter and the deathly hollows with Max which I am so excited about. I feel like tomorrow is going to be a good day. <3

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