Foster Care changed my life

Updated: Feb 16


Today was been a weirdly long day, not that it had more hours or anything crazy like that, but the fact that today dragged longer than a any other day this year. It felt as though time was going as slow as the transition from spring into summer. Although, I did get a few things done which is good.

Woke up at 8:30, prepped myself for a call which was about the help and support I have received off my PA (Personal Adviser) through the pandemic. I personally feel as though I have had all the help I have needed, I mean a £5,000 wouldn't go a miss, but still. I am lucky to have had people around during these crazy couple of months in order to help and support me in every way they can. (THANK YOU)

After having that call I felt uplifted and thought about how different my life would have been if I hadn't been in foster care, or if I didn't go to university . Would I have met my boyfriend? Would I be excited for my future career ? Would I even know what I want to do in the future ? All of the answers were the same.... probably not. That is why being in foster care changed my life, it has shaped the person I am today and has led me to this very moment. I certainly wouldn't be writing this in my blog if I hadn't been in foster care.

Anyway, after I recorded and posted my video I had a university call, and now this is when my day started to seem dangerously slow. Never ending. That is all I am going to say about today's university call because I just feel brain dead thinking about it. The university call ended an eternity later and I went on a short walk with my flat mates, it was lovely to get out of the apartment. Although, God decided it would be a great time to open up the heavens and as per I didn't have my water proof coat on. I know living in Wales and I don't have a water proof coat strapped to my waist. I must be crazy! I am just your typical teenager when it comes to coats, if it doesn't go with my outfit I am not wearing it!

Tonight, I am having food with Max which will be lovely. I hope tomorrow goes abit quicker than today. <3

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