Updated: Feb 16


Today started off promising, I had my first film lecture today, it's safe to say that I am looking forward for my film module this semester. The module is called 'creative studio' and the end product is to produce a studio based piece such as a 1+1 interview except we get marked on our technological side of the show! Exciting stuff.

Meanwhile, the scenography element of my degree is just a load of shambles at the moment. I have never felt more let down by the university in my whole time of being a student. For this scenography module we are mixed in with some drama students. I feel as though all the lesson time is being dedicated to the drama students and no time to the scenography lot. The past week of lessons for this module I have learnt NOTHING. Half the lesson is used for the drama student to stretch. Today, was another audition day so another 4 hours of my life has been completely wasted. Sorry, my rant is over I don't want to s*** on the module or the lecturers too much.

This evening I am spending with Max, we are having a creamy cod, potatoes and peas dish, it's from a Hairy Bikers book (one pot wonders) 100% do recommend. They have a great variation of dishes in this book, I got gifted this book from Max's parents at Christmas and it is one of the best presents I have ever received (thank you <3).

Anyway, I am going to go enjoy my evening with Max, thank you for reading today's blog. I will see you tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow I will learn something useful in my 4 hour lecture, but after the past week this doesn't seem promising. <3

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