Throughout my 19 years on this planet I have seen some crazy things, and certainly had my fair share of experiences. Within, the last few years my poetry has become more and more like a drug, it is a form of escapism for me. My Poetry career highlights include. Competing in the Big Cwtsh Poetry Slam (2019). Winning the writing competition in my school Eisteddfod. A feature in Red Door Magazine and having words Over Water featuring my work.



Care Leaver

Care Leaver wanting to pull the lever … 
wanting to turn back time but that’s a crime.
Because - 
We as care leavers are boxed in a stereotype
...that’s right.
Junkies. Druggies. Drop Out. Failures.
As a care leaver, I am a failure.
I have failed to understand why there is a,
stereotype, full of negative energy
I want to see - clearly,
Through the eyes of these individuals
Who branded us a label.
I feel unstable.
I have no home just an income for people to pay off their loan - 
I’m so alone.
But now I stand above you all,
Because, I don’t fall into this stereotype
...That’s right, because.
I’ve made my own through the nights, I sat up alone.
Because you as parents warned your children to 
“Watch out for that one my son, she’s in care.”
But, they didn’t care -
When…. This came out of their mouths and things started spiraling south.
So… I say again through the pain - 
I am not just a label - I am just feeling unstable.

Sea End

Dancing in my DMs by the sea end, 

My body bent as I hopped and skipped a beat in the fine-grained sun kissed sand. 

The grains rubbed softly against my naked feet. 

Music made my heart pulse, my body thrusting through the seasalt air.

The vibrations hit me full force, of course. 

The sun melting into the never ending sea, creating a picture so flawless.

A mixture of pinks, oranges and blues create a palette so perfect, it reminded me of you.

The wind cut through my skin, it felt like a sin. 

This is the world I am living in... 

I want to be one with the sun. 

The heat makes my heart beat, no you can’t get a receipt, for a feeling like this. Just a simple kiss when you remember that we are all one, especially with this sun.

The sea roars, it’s alive and it thrives on the energy of life… it’s older than me and you - I don’t have a clue how it has managed to get through this life and still carries on with so much rife.