I'm Tayler Walters

I’m a film, television, scenography and theatre design at university! I know it is a mouthful to say. I am also a keen writer and runner.

My hope is to spread happiness through daily blogs, doing film/series reviews and advice videos. I know it is a bit all over the place, but that’s just me.

I am your go to gal if you fancy a cheeky smile with your morning cuppa.

Let’s get real: 

Get to know me

  • My favorite thing in the entire world is going for a run alongside the coast, with the summer breeze kissing my skin.

  • I am a taurus and it shows. I am the most stubborn person you will meet. All in good spirit though.

  • I have a twin sister, and I am the eldest. Only by three minutes but it does count right?

  • I have been in foster care since the age of 4 alongside my sister, and have been through hell and back but I wouldn’t have changed any part of it because it has shaped me to who I am today.